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Abigail's Destination Senior Session in Spokane • Class of 2021

Destination sessions are my favorite things to do, so I was pretty excited when we had to go to a different county for Abigail's senior pictures (Thanks Covid...). We decided on Spokane because it's relatively close to the Tri-Cities while still having that PNW green tree vibe we were trying to go for.

First, we went to Manito Park. All of the flowers were blooming so it made for some beautiful photos. After exploring Manito, we went to Turnbull Wildlife Refuge in Cheney. I've explored the refuge before, so I was not expecting the thousands of wildflowers we stumbled upon. I love wildflowers so it was a welcome surprise. Abigail's gallery is dynamic and full of color, and I'm so glad that she chose me as her senior photographer.

This is what Abigail had to say about her experience:

"My experience with working with Emily is a very fun positive memory. From the beginning of starting to talk to her about it all, I felt very comfortable and able to speak my mind of what I wanted and what I didn’t. Due to circumstances we couldn’t meet in person for a consultation about clothing and makeup but it didn’t feel any different when we did talk over the phone. In regards to my actual photoshoot I had such a fun time. She has such an eye for backgrounds and light. The whole time she was hyping me up helping me pose and I felt confident and comfortable. We joked around and talked about college and life and it made the whole thing a whole lot better. I am also in love with how my photos turned out. Very positive experience with Emily and would 11/10 recommend her to my friends."

I hope you enjoy looking through this beautiful gallery! You can book your own session here.



Xavier Napier
Xavier Napier

Let me tell you something Abigail is a National Treasure Natalie for the San Francisco region of no cow but honestly my phone is already waiting up extacy everytime I download a picture of her thank you

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