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Emmy's Bayview, Idaho Senior Session

Okay, okay - It's no secret I love traveling for photoshoots! When Emmy told me she wanted to take her senior pictures in Bayview, Idaho, I was ecstatic. She grew up going to Bayview multiple times per year to visit her family's cabin, so it's a place near and dear to her heart. These photos are SO beautiful and meaningful, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Emmy's Senior Session Review

"I would absolutely recommend Emily as your photographer! I had the most amazing experience with her. I am not the type to like photos getting taken of me but Emily made all of my nerves go away! She made it so easy to understand the poses and facial expressions she was wanting to photograph. I was also grateful that she traveled to any location because I wanted my session to capture my childhood memories in a place that meant a lot to me! She really did capture all of that in one experience! Her style of light and airy photos and editing were perfection! Overall, Emily is super sweet and caring but is also able to voice her ideas in a well spoken way. Emily was my perfect senior session photographer!"

First Location: Squirrel Cache Trail Wildflowers

Well, we actually stopped at the service road outside the trail first to capture these cutie pictures!

Then, we hit the gorgeous summer wildflowers at Squirrel Cache Trail. Emmy's nickname is Squirrel, so stopping here was not only beautiful, but meaningful, too!

Second Location: Forest Road

Third Location: Lake Lookout

This is another spot that Emmy visits all the time when she's in Bayview! The scenery is incredible, and Emmy's pink dress compliments the background colors so well.

Fourth Location: Lake Pend Oreille

We got to venture onto a boat for our next stop: a rocky beach on Lake Pend Oreille! Using a boat to get to a photo location was brand new for me, and it was so much fun. We got beautiful golden hour lighting and the background was obviously gorgeous.

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and blue hour began. The light is much more even during this time, so it's perfect for showcasing majestic backgrounds like Lake Pend Oreille.

Last Location: Bayview Docks

As we pulled the boat back into the dock, light was dwindling, but I knew I wanted to take pictures anyway. We caught a gorgeous sunset and really captured the "quintessential" lake life with these photos.

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed these photos! It was such an honor to be chosen as Emmy's photographer. She wanted someone who is good at capturing people in sprawling natural landscapes, and I can definitely say we achieved her goal in her final gallery.

I'm based in Tri-Cities, WA, but I'm available to travel anywhere! Fill out my contact form to learn more.

Talk soon,

Emily :)


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