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Tri-Cities Senior Pictures With Antique Car | Catherine

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love Catherine's senior pictures! We had perfect weather and an awesome prop - a gorgeous blue Ford from 1956. With expansive skies, desert vibes, and a river view, this session is a great example of how beautiful the Tri-Cities can be.

First location: Columbia River

This is one of my favorite spots along the river. It has gorgeous greenery and a unique rocky beach. Sometimes, like during this session, wildflowers bloom!

Kennewick, WA Desert Road Photo Location

Another one of my favorite spots in the Tri-Cities - this desert road! I love all of the dead grass and the hills here.

1956 Ford Photoshoot

This car was definitely the star of the show! Catherine's family connected with the owner of this truck at a car show, and we're so lucky that he was nice enough to let us use it for these pictures. The color is stunning and really sticks out among the desert backdrop!

Sunset Senior Pictures in Kennewick, WA

Lastly, we were graced with a gorgeous Tri-Cities sunset! The best indicator for a good sunset is a partly cloudy day. When there's more in the sky for the light to bounce off of, more colors appear. This was a beautiful end to Catherine's senior session!

Thank you Catherine for choosing me as your senior photographer. I had so much fun with you!

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