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Top 9 Best Public Portrait Photography Locations in Tri-Cities, WA

1. Columbia Park

Columbia Park is one of my favorite locations in the Tri-Cities. It’s huge, spans miles, and offers a variety of different habitats to take pictures in! Make sure to drive all up and down Columbia Park Trail to see everything it has to offer. I personally like to hang out in the greenery areas closest to the Hanford Reach Museum.

Columbia Park has willow trees, greenery, tall unkept grass, landscaped areas, nature areas, wildflowers (depending on the time of year), and desert areas. Take time to explore this place cause you’ll definitely find unique locations.

2. Mid-Columbia Library Park

The Mid-Columbia Library Park, otherwise known as Highlands Grange Park, is a beautifully landscaped garden full of a variety of shrubs, trees, and flowers. It’s easy to get around and always kept clean, so this would be a great accessible location for those who may need it.

Stroll through the rose gardens, the Japanese gardens, and many, many others. Each season of the year brings something new to this location, and I’m always excited to see what’s blooming!

3. Downtown Kennewick

So, let’s be honest, there really aren’t many urban locations in the Tri-Cities. But, if you’re looking for brick or minimal backgrounds, Downtown Kennewick is the place for you. Many people just drive down Kennewick Avenue but miss the hidden photo spots in the alleyways. There’s amazing plain white walls, navy walls, and even some murals. There are also some pretty cool stairs you can have a moment on, too.

4. Downtown Pasco

Downtown Pasco is full of unique and colorful walls that are perfect for portrait shots! Drive around the area and location scout a little; you're bound to find an awesome location.

5. The Uptown in Richland

As one of the few "urban" locations in the Tri-Cities, The Uptown in Richland gives your photos an edgy and grungy vibe. The shops around the Uptown are cute, and the alleyway behind them is even cuter! The Uptown has a variety of backgrounds, from brick to colorful murals. Remember to be mindful and respectful of the businesses located here.

6. Blue Mountain Lavender Farm

As a family-owned business located near Walla Walla, Blue Mountain Lavender Farm is truly a gem tucked away in eastern Washington. When the lavender is blooming, you can pay a fee to use their gardens as a backdrop after hours. DO NOT just show up and take pictures here; you MUST contact the owners.

Here’s their website where you can contact them about taking pictures on their farm:

7. Hanford Reach National Monument

The Hanford Reach National Monument is located around 30 minutes outside of the Tri-Cities and is truly one of my favorite areas in the world. It’s listed as one of the most biodiverse areas in Washington due to its vast size and placement on the river. It also has towering sedimentary rock mountains that look like they belong in Arizona rather than the Tri-Cities.

Because it’s so huge (195,000 acres!!), you’re bound to find different types of environments. I love using it for the desert backdrop, but it has greenery areas and even a tiny beach (with sand!) as well. If you’re up for a hike, the Reach also houses REAL HUGE sand dunes that look otherworldly. I’m telling you, it’s a gem of eastern Washington that not many people know about.

Photographers and clients beware: Wear your bug spray or you might end up with over 30 mosquito bites like I did 😅 While exploring, I’ve also seen deer, snakes, and coyotes, so keep that in mind when visiting and stay vigilant.

This microbiome is an extremely important part of the overall environment and deserves to be treated with respect and caution, just like any other natural environment ❤️

8. Twin Sisters

Photos above by: Danielle Johnson Photo

I don't have any pictures from Twin Sisters so I hope you enjoy the photos from my fellow Tri-Cities photographers above! Twin Sisters is around 30 minutes outside of the Tri-Cities but it is totally worth the drive. Follow a tiny trail up the side of some hills and then you're in a desert paradise with a view of the mighty Columbia River.

9. Chamna Park

Photos above by: Mandi Mae Photos

Chamna is located in Richland and is right next to the Columbia River. It is not landscaped, unlike most of Columbia Park, so the location is very natural and green. There are sometimes wildflowers in the spring, but you can always find tall grass and trees.

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