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Maddie's Senior Pictures at Hanford Reach National Monument • Class of 2021

I've known Maddie since her freshman year when I did senior photos for her older sister. I was just starting out, but somehow Maddie had faith in my work and kept up with me throughout the years. I was so excited when she decided to be one of my senior reps this year because she is exactly the kind of person I want representing my brand.

Maddie is a huge self-love advocate and has recently overcome an eating disorder. She is full of fire and she is so strong. I know she is going to do amazing things and I'm so excited that I got to capture a tiny part of her senior year. We got to go to one of my favorite locations of all time, The Hanford Reach National Monument. We also stopped at Columbia Park. I wrote about why I love those locations here.

Thank YOU Maddie for choosing me as your senior photographer and always believing in my art. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. ♥


Here is what Maddie had to say about her senior photo experience:

"Working with Emily for my senior photos was an absolute dream and I loved shooting with her. I first met her my freshman year of high school when she did my sisters senior shoot and then again the following year when she did photos for some friends of mine. The first time I met her my little 14 year old self really decided “Yep. She’s doing my photos when i’m that age.” I even occasionally messaged her throughout the years just to tell her how excited I was for them. I was first drawn in by the tones & uniqueness of the photos but I also loved how much effort she puts into representing the client authentically. She also goes above & beyond to make sure the client is comfortable during the shoot which was huge for me. Being in front of a camera & having to pose was SUPER intimidating, however Emily made the experience 100% easier by being the best hype woman I could have ever asked for. I felt very comfortable communicating what I liked/wanted for my photos and I am so happy with how they turned out. I would recommend her to everyone — she is a phenomenal photographer & person."


The first location we stopped at was Columbia Park so we could get forest vibes. Well, at least as close to a forest as we can get in Eastern Washington.

Then we drove out to the Hanford Reach National Monument. Just wait for the sunset pictures...

We had to get bestie pics obviously!

THE SUNSET WAS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! I get to experience a lot of sunsets with my job, and I have to say that this was one of the prettiest I've ever seen.


THANK YOU for taking a look at my work. If you want to book a session, head here.


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