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Libby's Senior Pictures at Blue Mountain Lavender Farm and Twin Sisters

Libby’s senior session was an absolute dream!

We almost rescheduled due to the heat because it was 105 degrees on the day of her shoot, but I’m glad we didn’t. We used the shade to our advantage and definitely got some amazing shots despite the high temps.

First, we went to Blue Mountain Lavender Farm in Lowden, Washington. This is one of my favorite photo locations EVER! It’s absolutely beautiful and smells amazing.

If you’re scared of bees, though, this is not the location for you. You can hear the constant buzz of thousands of bees while you’re there, and many will land of you as you walk around. For someone who’s afraid of bees, like me, it’s almost like exposure therapy! I probably had to edit out 10+ bees in these photos as they buzzed around. They’re honestly not too scary, though, and they’re more preoccupied with the lavender in front of them.

Blue Mountain Lavender Farm also has the cutest swing you can take pictures on. Definitely one of my favorite spots on the farm!

Lastly, we went to Twin Sisters and hiked up the small hill. It definitely hit hard in 105 degree weather, but we made it to the top just in time for sunset.

I love the random tree that’s on top of the hill. It seems so out of place but it makes for a great background.

And like…look at that view! WOW!!!!

Libby is going to be Editor in Chief of her high school yearbook next year, so she wanted to include it in her session. I encourage every senior to bring props to their shoot, and this

was a great option!

At the end, we also snapped a quick photo of her and her mom.

THANK YOU Libby for an amazing session! I’m so glad you’re on my rep team and I look forward to taking your picture again! <3


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